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Welcome to The Warrior’s Fitness!

I’m Sami and I’ve been on my own personal fitness journey since the beginning of 2014. I started on my journey after going through a bad breakup which led to a lot of unhealthy eating. I gained 70 pounds! And the worst part was I hated fitness since childhood. But, I had to lose the weight, I was miserable looking at my bloated belly and some running and stairs always left me bloated. After a late night of watching TV, I caught wind of Rockin’ Body. A fitness program that I could do at home without being watched by others. I hated the idea of someone watching me exercise, so it was perfect. And the cool part was I as I started, I was actually enjoying it. I lost 70 pounds and felt great!!

In 2016, I was running a fastfood store and regained the 70 pounds due to stress, overeating and lack of sleep. I was right back where I started… I didn’t know  how this could’ve happened. I was still exercising, but gaining all the weight back. I didn’t understand it, until I realized I was cheating on myself. I was overeating, stressing, overworking myself and worst of all, not sleeping.

Today I am working on those three areas and am in a fastfood job so that my stress is less. Since May 2017, I have lost 30 pounds. My goal is to lose 45 more pounds so that I may be better than last time.

I also hope to bring many ladies with me. I cannot do this alone and you don’t have to either. We can do this together as a team!!

Message me below if you are ready to join me! It’s never too late to start!